Monthly Archive: January 2008

Farewell to Zack, a “throw-away” dog


My dog Zack died today.
Zack was just eight years old and like all your dogs are to you (I am sure), he was very special to me.

I am not writing this story to make you all miserable with me.
Heavens knows if you love your animals you are either going through this too, have gone through this, or WILL go through this. All true animal lovers know and recognize this awful pain.

The point of my story today is to showcase some issues in our society that so desperately need to be fixed…and why I believe in Best Friends/PIUTW and their mission. Above all, I truly believe that THIS organization can accomplish the goals they lay out in their master plan.

So now let me tell you about my sweet dog, Zack. First off, his name was Zachoroy. ZackOrRoy. That is because when he came to me, his name was Damien. We looked at him and KNEW that had to go. You see, Zack was a Rottweiler and Damien was the name of the vicious, Satan-possessed Rottweiler in The Omen. So we knew the name could not stay and we looked at him and he was very goofy and silly looking and we just could not decide between Roy and Zach and so ZackOrRoy was created. Continue reading…