Monthly Archive: December 2011

When the heart gets ahead of the mind…


hoardingIn this “business” we see it all the time. Really well meaning people that get in over their heads. I’m not speaking of hoarders. Most psychologists feel hoarding is more of a mental disease than a controllable impulse.

I’m talking about well meaning rescuers that have let their hearts lead the way and they put their logic and their finances aside to try to help “just one more”.

I’ve seen so many cases where people were living in absolute squalor, all their resources gone, all their money gone, their homes in foreclosure and still much of the rescue community looks at them like they were heroes.

“They gave their WHOLE lives to the animals”.

I’m not impressed.
These people don’t impress me. I pity them. Not only that but they are HURTING us, our no-kill movement, they make us all look bad and “suspect”, and they are not good for the future of the animals in their care.
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The Story of Annie

annie2Annie first came to us when we got a call from our friends at Mount Vernon NJ Animal Control.

They are a shelter in NJ that try very hard to never euthanize if they can help it, but they ARE a county shelter and eventually the time came for Annie.

No one wanted to do it, but Annie had been there a year and the director sadly said that she wasn’t being adopted and they couldn’t keep her forever at the expense of others. The shelter staff and volunteers reached out to us. They loved this sweet girl. Could we possibly take her? Continue reading…