Monthly Archive: May 2010

Feral cats – educating communities

feralcat1I know. I know.
Everyone that knows me is shocked. Wait…huh, who is writing this? Is this Kerry?


Yes. Why, yes I am.

Contrary to what many of you believe I do NOT dislike cats.

I am just more of a huge dog lover, but there are some blackmail pictures of me out there snuggling up with a cat or two. I do NOT dislike cats. Well. Not TOTALLY. And feral cats…I actually REALLY like feral cats. I’m impressed by them. And moved by them. And I like to watch them. I find them mysterious, and entertaining, and independent. I love their disdain for humans (I feel like that many days too!) and I love that they survive almost anything and that they can be seen throughout the winter, and in the heat of summer, and survive not only extreme heat and cold, but floods, and starvation, and injury and illness. I’m so impressed by how they adapt and find a way to survive and live and thrive, how they develop family networks and extended family communities, even though almost all the odds are stacked against them.

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