Monthly Archive: May 2012

The Itty Bitty Kitty Rescue


A healthy 3 week old kitten arrived at the ACC, and 45 minutes later was killed for “having no mother”.

No adopter or rescuer was given the opportunity to save this kitten.

On Mother’s Day, a mother cat and her two tiny kittens were on the ACC kill list. What in the world?

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Why choose death when there is a LIFE alternative?

So in the past two weeks Pets Alive has pulled 108 cats, kittens, and mamas from the NYC ACC (Animal Care & Control), including this little bottle baby today.

After we found out about a kitten being euthanized there with no opportunity for rescue to pull, we decided we weren’t going to stand by and watch any more kittens die.

Why should we? There is no need to. Kittens are super highly adoptable and they are adoptable easily for the next year or so. So even if it took us a while to place them we were still going to be able to do so. PLUS we had just opened some brand new rooms for cats and had plenty of space. What better way to use it than save the lives of kittens? Lives that had barely started and were already at risk of being snuffed out at the ACC.

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78 Wallkill Rottweilers


There is a lot of confusion about the Town of Wallkill rottweilers. The media outlets recently covered the story. We want to explain the role that Pets Alive has had and not take credit for anything we have NOT been involved in. There are so many different stories out there and so many misquotes it is getting difficult to see what is factual.

We heard about this situation the first week of March. That is when the complaint was made and the police moved in to assess the situation. After going on the property, they must have seen that they had to pursue much more serious legal action against Sylvia Pinneta and at that time they were authorized to remove only dogs that were in absolute CRITICAL states of needing medical attention, after giving Sylvia the opportunity to do so. From what I understand she was asked to seek medical attention for the dogs that the police department felt needed it most and I believe that perhaps she refused, and as a result they were able to then confiscate those dogs. (again, all of this is between her and the police and I can not speak to what happened, so please understand that I have no knowledge of the legalities involved in this situation).

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