Why choose death when there is a LIFE alternative?

So in the past two weeks Pets Alive has pulled 108 cats, kittens, and mamas from the NYC ACC (Animal Care & Control), including this little bottle baby today.

After we found out about a kitten being euthanized there with no opportunity for rescue to pull, we decided we weren’t going to stand by and watch any more kittens die.

Why should we? There is no need to. Kittens are super highly adoptable and they are adoptable easily for the next year or so. So even if it took us a while to place them we were still going to be able to do so. PLUS we had just opened some brand new rooms for cats and had plenty of space. What better way to use it than save the lives of kittens? Lives that had barely started and were already at risk of being snuffed out at the ACC.

As the kittens arrived we were thrilled to greet each one. Some went to PAW (Pets Alive Westchester) and some to PAM (Pets Alive Middletown). We were thrilled to welcome each one. Most were orphaned, some had mothers still nursing them. We accepted them all.

Then we saw MORE mama’s and kittens on the kill list at the ACC and we reached out to take them too.

In the end we took in 108 cats and three or four dogs came along too. The email exchanges went back and forth and one of them said this:

>>> We have 7 nursing moms w/ kittens and one pregnant cat that may not be able to be spayed…if can be spayed, could you still take? If not and too far along, could you take pregnant? <<<

Oh my. A pregnant cat that was so far along she “might not be able to be spayed”. For goodness sake! DON’T SPAY HER! We will taker her and give her the opportunity to have her babies and we will find them all homes. We don’t support late term spaying when the mother’s hormones and body are already preparing for birth and we don’t support aborting kittens that are viable to live outside the womb at that age. This isn’t good for the mother and it certainly isn’t good for the kittens. So I answered this:

>>Please, please do not spay pregnant cat.
We can take all the moms with kittens and PREGNANT cat!<<

Whew. Glad we found out about her in time. And so our good friend, and industrious volunteer John, went and stopped first in the Brooklyn shelter to pick up some of the cats, kittens and dogs and then went to the Manhattan shelter to pick up the rest of the cats, kittens and dogs we were taking.

His ride back to Pets Alive was filled with hysterical tweets:

>>One of the boxes grew a leg.






>>Uh oh. Potential escapee:






>>We have a breach in the containment systems!






We were all laughing and excited. Lots of staff came to meet John and help unload and settle all the kittens and mamas in.
That’s when we discovered that the ACC had SPAYED the late term pregnant mama cat. Spayed her and killed all her babies.

Not only that, but because they are so short staffed and have so few vets they went the extra mile to kill this cats kittens. They brought her to the mobile ASPCA clinic and had THEM spay her and abort her kittens.

Why? Why would they do this if they knew she and her future kittens had a safe place to go?
Yes I understand the argument that there are so many cats and all that jazz, and if they were a kill shelter and she was staying there with them, and they hoped to try to get her a home… well, I would never support this, but I could understand their reasoning. But it makes NO SENSE to do this when there was another alternative being offered. We offered all those kittens a chance at LIFE. Why would the ACC and the ASPCA deprive those kittens of that chance? Not only that – they had to go SO FAR OUT OF THEIR WAY to kill them – to get them to the ASPCA because they were too backed up to kill them there?

Not only that, but remember I told you we said we would take ALL the kittens and mamas?
Indeed had we not just pulled 108?

Three of the kittens we were supposed to get…we got paperwork for, but no kittens.
I don’t know.
I haven’t had time to really review the paperwork.
But maybe this post-it note explains whey they aren’t here.
The ACC killed them.

If you can’t read that it says “THESE 3 WERE PUT TO SLEEP“.
They had another place to go.
Hey ACC, why not just call it like it is?

Oh, and one other thing.

The cat that was breaking out of the box on the way home?

That was the mama cat that had her babies aborted.

Who can blame her?

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