Monthly Archive: November 2010

How do you know when it is time for euthanasia?

sweetseraMany of my friends have asked me how to tell if it is time to let their beloved pet “go”.

In this “business” I have seen it all. Some people put their dogs or cats down at the very first sign of illness because they don’t want to pay vet bills or because they claim that is the most humane thing. Unfortunately I have also seen people wait far too long, past the point of humaneness and into the realm of cruelty.

I know it is difficult to let a beloved pet go.  I can’t even type this without my throat closing up and tears welling into my eyes at the thought of the ones I have had to let go.

This is a very personal decision.
No one can make it but you.

I am certainly no authority on this, and nothing would give me the right to judge this for others, but here is how I decide with my own dogs, if this helps. Continue reading…