Monthly Archive: July 2011

In the interests of Tyson

TysonAt Pets Alive my job is mainly decision making.  I probably make hundreds of decisions a day.  Some are easy.  Some are tough.  But I think if you put it all in a nutshell that is my primary function as the executive director here.  Make decisions.  Yes, some are bound to be wrong and believe me, there isn’t anyone that can beat me up over those more than I can, so …save it.  If I screwed up, then I’m already caning myself far worse than anyone else ever could.  I understand that I’m human and that I’m not going to be right every time.  I’m going to make mistakes like everyone else.  I do accept that.  When I do mess up, I try to make sure I understand why and not ever make that same mistake again.  Not much more I can do than that.

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