What has happened to compassion in our shelters?


saddogSo recently a group that we have tremendous respect for, and work with frequently, contacted us about the Chesterfield, SC shelter. This is the shelter that some time ago was attacked for being one of the cruelest in the nation, (allowing dogs to maul each other, killing dogs that had rescues or homes lined up, not feeding the animals, etc etc). There was also a huge outcry from the public to dismantle their barbaric gas chamber (that went un-inspected for years and basically TORTURED the dogs to death) and to stop the other horrors that went on. Their response to the naysayers and the whistle blowers? They sneered and killed ALL the dogs – EVEN THE ONES THAT HAD RESCUES WAITING FOR THEM.

Well. That sure taught all those naysayers a lesson, didn’t it?

The group we work with stopped helping there after that. They were so sick about this, so deeply sick and wounded that all these dogs died as “retaliation” that they couldn’t go back and help anymore. Did that mean anything to the shelter workers? No. They don’t CARE people. Do you think I’m kidding? Lying? Making this up? Exaggerating? I’m not.

puppy2These people are easily capable of taking puppies and young, happy, healthy dogs and murdering them – dogs that in some cases already had HOMES with loving people waiting for them – because they were ticked at some of the rescue groups for objecting to their inhumane treatment of the animals in their “care”. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? And seriously…come on…what MONSTER KILLS PUPPIES???? WHO THE HELL KILLS PUPPIES?? Who the hell gets up in the morning, goes to work and murders freaking puppies? ESPECIALLY puppies that had rescues waiting to take them in!

OK, so let’s get back to the story, and readers, if you think this is the EXCEPTION to sheltering in this country and this is a RARE case, then I tell you WAKE UP.

This is NOT the exception. Crap like this goes on EVERYWHERE and this is one of the MANY reasons we need Oreo’s Law passed – to stop this from happening by people that don’t care about our animals. People that will KILL animals to teach other’s a “lesson” and smirk while they do it. THESE are the people that are running your shelters and they absolutely MUST be stopped. Not tomorrow, not the next generation, NOW.

Passing Oreo’s Law is the single most important
thing you can do for animals in your life time. 

Why? Because once NY gets this law – all the other states will follow. If you want to make an impact for animals NOW, in YOUR generation, then help get this passed. If this was in place then those rescue groups could go in there and say “NO, you aren’t murdering this puppy. We are a rescue group and we are taking this puppy to his new home now. Go away you tired little man who murders puppies, you have no power now. The people have spoken and they are stopping you.”

But…alas….that tired little man can do exactly what he wants. It is perfectly legal for him to murder animals while rescue groups stand there with their arms extended and homes waiting. That tired little man (or woman) has ultimate power over life and death to the animals that are down on their luck and have come to them for help. Have wound up in their shelter and have asked for help. They do not get it. They get killed instead.

THAT is what happens in these disgusting shelters and what murderous shelter directors across the nation do every day. You think it is only in the south? Oh no, my dear friends. This has also happened to Pets Alive, with dogs just miles away from us, when we have empty runs and homes waiting. How do we stop it? It will stop when we have a series of Oreo’s Law’s in place in every state and it starts here in New York.

So back to the wretched Chesterfield shelter. Here’s some information I have been gathering from various sources and we are pulling together proof for most of this, although right now it is mostly word of mouth from people I trust very much and have seen it and experienced it with their own eyes.

In Chesterfield:

  1. They are showing that 70-90 dogs are being killed each month, yet purchase orders for lethal injection show enough for just 10 dogs or less each month. What does that mean? Aren’t you paying attention? Or are you just having trouble really absorbing and believing this? Yes. Truly. I understand. What that means is that the rest are being slaughtered. They aren’t getting a humane lethal injection death.
    So just HOW are they being killed?
    Keep reading.
    (Stop it! You aren’t leaving this page now because the truth is too much for you to stomach. YOU are needed on the front line of this war against our animals. You are needed to look, read, understand and step up to STOP this. Do not turn your back. Keep reading, I will NOT say anything graphic.)gun
  2. The sheriff’s department lets the dogs loose in the landfill and then uses them for target practice. That is how they are “euthanizing”.
  3. Prisoners are in charge of care of the animals and are brought in once a day to see to their care. Prisoners. Yes.
  4. Prisoners are routinely left ALONE with the dogs while the ACO’s go to do animal pick ups.
  5. There is no budget for the animal shelter. It is run solely on donations and if there is no food donated, the animals are not fed. Yet the budget allows for the animal control officers to all drive brand new SUV’s. There are four of them purchased within the last two years, all brand new…but no money to feed the dogs. Please read this one again. The ACO’s drive brand new, souped up SUV’s with all the bells and whistles, but there is no money to feed the dogs.
  6. There are local rescue groups working and getting the dogs out but multiple times in the past year if they spoke against the shelter, the shelter euthanized ALL the dogs – EVEN THOUGH ALL THE DOGS HAD RESCUE. They were killed as retaliation for the groups speaking out against the horrid conditions and inhumane treatment.
  7. The sheriff”s department are the ones slaughtering the dogs, yet the sheriff’s department is the group that is “investigating this”

So let me get this straight.
I’m a county sheriff.
I am killing dogs by using them for target practice and shooting them in the landfill.
Someone complains.
OK, I’m going to open up a case, assign it to myself and investigate it.
I’m gonna go ahead and give this a couple of days until the “animal whackoos” calm down and then I’m gonna mark this “INVESTIGATED” and no charges pending. Yawn. Where’s my beer?

puppySo what can we do? What can YOU do? Most of you have already gathered up your licensed firearms and licensed grenades and are in the car heading down to Chesterfield to shoot yourself some “dogs”. The HUMAN kind of dogs, of course, but stop! I say “nay-nay!”. Get thee back to thy chair.

We are “peaceable demonstrators”. Our power is not in violence (although I’ll ride shot gun with anyone that wants to go and spit in their driveway), but in the power of numbers. Thousands will read this blog. Thousands will pass it on. THAT is where your power is. We need you to bombard this sleepy little town, and this no-account sheriffs department, and this lazy mayor, with your words.

Call them. EVERY day. A few times a day. Tell them that the world is watching and this is unacceptable. Send them emails. Flood their email with your protests. Tell them that this is not the “old boys club” and that this will not be tolerated in OUR nation. That OUR nation loves our animals and OUR nation will see an end to these murders and that while we support no kill, that if they will not go no kill then they must be accountable for humane euthanasia. Not 10% of the time. But 100% of the time. That the murdering of animals that come to them desperate and in need of help, will not be allowed in OUR nation. That their old boys club is closed, and a new regime of caring animal lovers is in place. That any animal that has a place to go, should be given that opportunity at life.

So use those talking points and email the mayor and the council.

1. Demand the mayor have a separate group investigate the allegations.
2. Demand the mayor provide a budget for the shelter.
3. Demand the mayor investigate the prisoners left unattended with the animals.
4. Demand routine inspections and reports by an unbiased individual or group, each week, going forward.
5. Demand an accounting of how every animal is euthanized and WHY every animal is euthanized if there is another option.
6. Demand rescue access – allowing rescues to whisk those animals away to safety.

You can contact them here:

The town is run by the town council though, so be SURE to cc them as well: cftmclerk@shtc.net and ccgov@shtc.net.
Council members: 

Also contact the governor:

Governor Nicky Haley

Then contact the Attorney General’s office and demand that the sheriff’s own office not be able to investigate themselves and that a higher authority do so.

The Honorable Alan Wilson
P.O. Box 11549
Columbia, S.C. 29211

The Sheriff?  Here ya go!
Phone:  843-623-2101
Fax:  843-623-3534
Email: admin@chesterfieldsheriff.org 

Animal Control
Brian Burch – Supervisor
Joe Campbell – Animal Control Officer
467 Goodale Road
Chesterfield SC 29709
Phone: 843-623-3585
Fax: 843-623-9223

Senator Lindsey Grahm

Senator Jim DeMint
Phone: 843-727-4525
Fax: 843-793-6839

Rep. Mick Mulvaney
FAX: 803-327-4330

Email Address: https://mulvaney.house.gov/Contact/default.aspx
WWW Homepage: http://mulvaney.house.gov/
Twitter: @RepMickMulvaney

You can also read these news articles about the mass massacre of these dogs, used for target practice. Warning, the second one has GRAPHIC images of some of the dead dogs. I suggest you avoid that one. I wish I had.

Please be the voice for those that have none, and have been so unfairly abused.
To have done nothing wrong in their short, sweet lives but be born, and wind up in the wrong territory.

Don’t look away.
Don’t move on.
Take two seconds of your time and make a difference.

BE the difference that you want to see in the world.
THEY are counting on you.

– See more at: http://petsalive.com/blog/2011/03/05/what-has-happened-to-compassion-in-our-shelter

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