O Great Rain

O great rain,
What would my wilderness be
Without your sweet company?
O greatest music of all,
The sky’s kiss on the warm soil,
O blesser of thirsty lips,
Heaven’s tears when nature weeps…
O greatest lover of all,
You give without asking more,
Abundantly to all fields,
And the mountains and all hills…
Stay a little…

O great rain,
What would my deep sorrow be
Without your sweet melody?
Come and soothe my lonely soul,
Which smolders like burning coal,
Come and blow your cooling breeze,
For my wounds and pain to ease…
O greatest seeker of all,
With each drop you reveal more
Than a thousand mysteries,
The wisdom of centuries…
Stay a little…

bringontherainO great rain,
What would my confused mind be
Without your sweet harmony?
What would my victory be
Without the strength you gave me?
You move rocks with tenderness,
Stay a little…

O great rain,
What would my patience be
Without all that you taught me?
To persevere, to believe
In the smile that follows grief,
In the good of everyone
That the bad will soon be gone…
Stay a little…

Come rain,
Come sweet rain,
What would my solitude be
Without a friend to visit me?
If I could not share my dreams,
Whisper secrets in your ears,
If I could not forget those
Who told me their tales of woes,
Those once loved and abandoned,
Forever gone yet now sought,
Those hopes for respect I thought,
Was now long due to my work…
Stay a little…

O rain,
O great rain,
O sweet rain,
Stay a little…
Stay a little…
Stay a little…

Stay Forever, Rain.


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